Moving in Beaufort, NC

Beaufort and Down East

Whether you’re retiring, relocating for work, or just ready for a change of pace, we’re sure you’ll love Beaufort, NC, and this part of the world as much as we do.  We planned this section to make relocating to Beaufort or Down East easy. Our section on neighborhoods will serve as a guide for understanding what’s available, and our section on real estate companies will help you find an agent who can lead you to the perfect home and neighborhood. If you’re arriving on a boat or bringing a boat with you, we tell you about the local marinas and marine services as well.

If you’re buying a home or building a new one, you’ll find it helpful to see our information on banks, mortgage companies and home services. You’ll also want to study up on our information about local schools, colleges and universities, child care centers and day care, healthcare, places of worship, volunteering opportunities and green living. Our Economic Overview and Employment tips will help you get a feel for the job market.

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