Economic Profile

In the town of Beaufort, population 4,039, approximately 91% of the residents are employed. A majority of the population commutes an average of 22 minutes to the workplace. The main occupations are in carpentry, professional and sales positions, with service occupations coming in a significant second. The leading industries of the area are tourism related, with arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services leading and retail services a close second. Also, educational, health and social services is also a very popular industry for the area. The median household income is about $33,000 with the median value of housing at $252,782. About 20% of the population is employed by the government .


The thriving tourism industry of Beaufort is sustained by its historic charm and beautiful waterfront. With rich history, a delightful boardwalk and a bustling harbor, the town is very visitor friendly. The amiable nature of Beaufort is what causes the arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food and retail services to thrive within it. Tourists and local daytrippers flock to the area to enjoy the aesthetics and services provided, and it gives the tourism realm a lucrative and accessible quality. The majority of jobs in the area are held within its different branches, so most of the employment opportunities are in this industry. 

Real Estate

There are 2,191 residential properties in Beaufort with 48% of them being rentals, reflecting the seasonal and recreational tourist industry.  The popularity of this industry has made way for more than a dozen rental companies and agencies to thrive throughout Bogue Banks, making it one of the most popular, and lucrative occupations of the area. The housing median value is $252,782 and the average monthly rent is $653.

Industry and Trade

Beaufort is a town with many different industries. The tourism related field of arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services are the most prominent, but there are other lucrative areas as well. Below is an ordered list of most popular industries: 

 1. Tourism

2. Construction

3. Educational, health and social services

4. Retail Trade 

5. Professional, scientific, management, administrative and waste management services

6. Manufacturing  

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